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Gintani Supercharged Stage 2+ New Dyno Runs...

I'll admit Dyno's don't mean a whole heck of a lot to me in comparison to real world performance results/Vbox data. However, over the course of the past several months it seems my Gintani Stage 2+ dyno's have created a lot of questions and at times some over the top drama, but this thread is about the #'s before and now, nothing else!

My initial dyno of 517WHP was not stellar, and when I heard the #'s, I was not excited. I expected more especially when you see other vendors had posted dyno's near 600whp at 6-7psi on pump gas! HOWEVER, after I drove the car, did every Vbox test I could, ran a few comparo's I knew the car was performing much better than that 517whp # indicated, and frankly I didn't care anymore about the initial dyno because real world results were more important to me than dyno's and I was loving the performance results.

Here's a few reasons why -

1. The very night I picked up my car, the Vbox performance #'s, were in line or very close to Enzo's, ZR1's, LP640's, Carrera GT's, Modded 996/7TT's, Modded GT-R's, etc. The car annihilated a stock 997tt and modded M5.

2. 7.3s on the Vbox no other car has hit that making only 517/532whp, even those that dynoed the same or more than me, except Mike's 560whp @5.5psi & 100 shot ESS SC'd M3 that ran an outstanding 7 seconds flat! Regardless his Dyno #'s and mine did not correlate in the least, but our Vbox times were very close.

3. Comparo runs, the car has ran with 600whp GT-R's, even pulled at times, highly modded 550+whp 996TT's, ran with a 750 BHP 997TT, a 635whp HPF Stage 3 E46 M3 and many more, the car run after run does very well against cars that at the time had dynoed much more than me. I knew that other supercharged cars making the same or even more power on the dyno, did not do as well as my car has against similar cars.

4. 11.45 @ 131 MPH, The other car that trapped 130 MPH was a Gintani car, that is flat out moving folks.

Discovering The Reason For The 517 and 532 #'s

Some, including myself thought maybe the cats were the reason for the lower #'s because the car was absolutely performing in the real world and on the Vbox, so after I changed the xpipe to the Gintani catless setup I went back and dynoed again, and I hit 532WHP, not a bad #, but it was still not correlating with the results I was seeing on the road, and based on my performance #'s that dyno result still didn't make much sense at all. So I experimented a bit.

The Gintani "Ram Intake" at the time had a very small air filter, smaller than stock, so after the 532 dyno run, I simply took the filter off, and the results were pretty crazy, lol, 600WHP & 397WTQ on the very next pull! But of course at 10-11psi, lol, way too much for the octane I was running, but the ECU protected the motor, and unfortunately it enabled a temporary limp mode where your redline is reduced for a certain amount of miles. Regardless, at 8psi the car was around 540whp SAE at only 7100rpms! Where on the run just before I hit the 532WHP @ 8psi near redline.

So after this we installed a new intake, did some slight retuning, but the Vbox #'s were basically the same. What I've come to realize is the initial airbox with it's "ram air" induction worked optimally while the car was moving. But stationary on a dyno it was not getting enough air, it was choking the car quite a bit, and skewing the actual dyno results in comparison to how it was performing! I was satisfied that this was the reason and after that hit i hit 7.3s 60-130 and the 131 trap, all in line with how the car was running in comparo runs, so curious once again I went back and dynoed.

What The Gintani Stage 2+ Kit Actually Measures on The Dyno Jet (The Standard)

FWIW I am seeing 8psi on my AEM boost gauge, but do from time to time see 9psi. I'm posting the dyno results with all 3 different CF's. I also ran a few more Vbox pulls this morning and hit 7.4, 7.5 & 7.6, but not in that order.

91 octane 564WHP & 364WTQ

91 octane + WATER/METH 573WHP & 374WTQ X3 runs, very consistent.

Old Intake vs. New Intake, Dyno's overlaid, HUGE difference.

Running on another Dyno Jet

I also went to another local DJ, HK Motorsports, in Van Nuys and did some runs. We did three pulls the first one on 91 octane, the next two runs on 1-2 gallons of 91 mixed with 2 gallons of 100 at the pump, as you can see I gained notta by simply pouring it in. The 2nd run was done in 5th, that is the main reason for the 12whp difference.

Big Arno from Gintani in their "True" Mini, stopping by the Dyno session to see how it went, lol.
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