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Originally Posted by jaiman View Post
My car was in the body shop to be repainted after a cab drove into me. When I picked it up from the body shop there was a weird residue on the windshield and a bit on the trunk. It feels kind of rough and is mostly see though. I've left a message for them to find out what it is and how to remove it but I was hoping someone here might be able to tell me what it could be and how to remove it. Its a pain in the ass to drop the car off fo rthem to do it as they open after i go in to work and close before I'm done.
Sounds like a bit of overspray.

For the glass, you can buy a water spot remover from any hardware store, home depot, etc.. Some are liquids and are similar in consistency to "soft scrub". Some are powders that you use on a wet cloth. I found they both work great....I think something like this is your best bet, but do NOT use it on any painted surface, it will scratch the clear coat! Keep it on the glass and it will look brand new. It will require a bit of elbow grease though!

For the trunk, I would wash first, then clay bar, then wax. The clay bar will take out the overspray and any other contaminants. Claybars can leave slight scratches in the clearcoat, so you may have to go to a swirl remover compound before your final wax.

You could also just try a swirl remover first to see if it will remove the overspray...then wax. Depends how bad it is.
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