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Bill & Hillary Clinton are being sued

Could the Paul v Clinton Fraud Suit Upset the Clinton Democratic Party?

The landmark civil fraud suit, Paul v Clinton et al pending in Los Angeles Superior Court against the Clintons on and off since 2001 has been hidden from the public by the mainstream media for seven years. While the case was showcased in the documentary trailer for Hillary! Uncensored which made internet history with more than five million downloads in a few weeks in November, 2007, it has remained under the radar of the public consciousness as part of the greatest political scandal cover-up since Watergate.

On Thursday, February 21, 2008, a hearing before Judge Munoz will be held in Paul v Clinton with David Kendall representing the Clintons. A trial date will be set for late in 2008 and a discovery schedule will be created for sworn depositions to be taken of all principal witnesses.

The limited perception and understanding that exists of the case is that it is simply a business fraud suit by Clinton donor and erstwhile Clinton employer Peter Paul against Bill Clinton who was aided and abetted by Hillary in inducing Paul to spend more than $1.2 million to elect Hillary to the Senate with a false promise to work with paul when Clinton left the White House.

Paul and Clinton Review Terms of Employment for Billís Post White House Consulting Services August 12, 2000

But the prosecution of the first suit to haul a President and Senator into court for fraud and coercion has the potential of revealing through sworn testimony of the Clinton hierarchy of the Democratic Party the culture of corruption that permeates the party and egregious examples of party leaders including Al Gore, Ed Rendell, Terry McAuliffe as frauds and scofflaws.

The threat to the party as well as the Clintons that is posed by the discovery and trial in the suit is that it not only links the Clintons personally to felony violations of the law and obstructions of justice but it will also destroy the credibility of Clinton surrogates who control the party at a time when Obama will be looking to take over the Party with his people.

The significance of the lawsuit is that it exposes a broader focus on the Corruption of the Clinton Cabal that has a stranglehold on the Democratic Party.

The case represents much more than the frauds that Hillary and Bill directed to win and keep a Senate seat to launch a Presidential campaign from- it has the ability to expose the institutional culture of corruption embraced by the Clinton leadership of the Democratic Party- which is dedicated to assuring the attaining of unaccountable power for the Clintons at the expense of the Rule of Law and respect for the Constitutional processes of government.

Witnesses who personally interacted with Paul that will be called to confirm that Paul was illegally expending millions to support Hillaryís campaign solely as a quid pro quo for Bill Clintonís agreement to serve as a rainmaker for two of his companies for a year as soon as he left the White House. The quid pro quo made between Clinton and Paul subjected Paulís expenditures to federal maximum limits for his expenditure/in-kind contributions to Hillaryís campaign. The quid pro quo by operation of law made Paulís donations illegally excessive. Witness/participants include former DNC Chair and Penn. Gov. Ed Rendell- who directed various illegal contributions made by Paul to the DNC and Hillaryís campaign and who failed to report to the FEC Paulís expenditures of more than $100,000 for a gala for 150 Hollywood people for Al Goreís campaign and the DNC on June 8, 2000;

Terry McAuliffe who counseled Paul in 2 meetings to become a major donor to Hillary to hire Bill; Harold Ickes- who counseled Paul to do what Rendell was suggesting in giving to Hillaryís campaign as a means to hire Bill which facts Ickes hid in his testimony in the Rosen trial, Howard Wolfson- who spoke on behalf of Hillary to the Washington Post about Paulís in kind contributions of more than $1million to pay for Hillaryís biggest fundraising event. Yet Wolfson has never been interviewed or called as a witness by the DOJ or the FEC to testify to that knowledge either when David Rosen was being indicted and tried for allegedly hiding that same knowledge from Hillaryís campaign.

The case that the media refuses to cover will be impossible to ignore when the witnesses from the Clinton Family, DNC leadership, media and Hollywood begin testifying in depositions under oath.
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