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Drives: 2013 AW M3
Join Date: May 2013
Location: Chicago

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Region: Great Lakes: Chicago, IL
Dealership Name: Perillo BMW
Sales or Service: Sales
Name of Salesperson/Advisor: Frank Billman
Overall Experience (1 lowest 5 highest): 5
Work Performed/Attempted: N/A
Recommended? (Yes or No): YES
Additional Comments: See below

Here's my review on

I had an absolutely wonderful and fantastic experience purchasing a car from Perillo BMW. I just took delivery of a brand new 2013 Alpine White M3, one of the last naturally aspirated V-8 M3's to ever be made.

Originally, I had walked in off the street since I was in the preliminary stages of purchasing a car and I wanted to compare the Audi's (who's dealership was across the street) with the BMW. Initially, I was shopping for a sports sedan so I was comparing a 2013 BMW 335ix to Audi's A4/S4. Frank assisted from me since day one and took the time to show me their inventory and emailed me all the information I had asked for while we were there.

Fast forward a couple months, and I came to the conclusion that I wanted to purchase/lease and 2013 M3. The only problem was that it was now May 2013 and BMW was set to end production within two months. Finding an allocation (and not get price gouged for it) proved to be quite difficult. Even though Perillo had no allocations left, Frank and his finance manager was able to to secure me an allocation so that I could order my car to MY specifications. Working with Frank was quite flawless and he was able to attend to all my questions and concerns. With Frank's help, I was able to secure an allocation for a new M3 to be built specifically for me, he was able to take advantage of a $1500 BMW incentive, and he assisted with my trade-in and financing. All of this was handled via email and was quite seamless, I really only had to go into the dealer in person when I wanted to see something in person.

When it was time to take delivery, Frank pretty much gave me as much up-to-date information as possible. I was even able to take delivery the day the car arrived at the dealer. Delivery date was pretty much as close to "sign then drive" as you can get. Other than a little wait (since there was only one finance manager on duty at the time). Delivery was smooth and everything that was arranged via email was as is when it came time to games, no gimmicks, no funny business.

As far as the purchasing process is concerned, I can't give a higher recommendation for Frank Billman. Without his assistance, I wouldn't have the car of my dreams.
Here is Frank "photobombing" while my wife was trying to snap a pic:

Here is my new toy: