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Originally Posted by GOLFFRR View Post
you pay taxes on the car where ever you register the car. The only way you would have to pay CA taxes is if you drove the car from the dealership, thats why most of our WA and Oregon customers ship the cars. If you lived in a state that the taxes are higher then CA and you drove it in CA and then registered it in the higher tax state you would have to pay the CA tax and then the difference when you registered it in the higher taxed state.
30 day travel permit - drive it home from out of state & pay no sales tax at purchase by WA resident. If you lease the tax is charged in your payment.

When you register & license the car in WA you pay the sales tax & registration in the county where you live.

Oregon has no sales tax...mute point.

Only way to beat the system is cheat & register in a state w/no sales tax &
hope you don't get caught. Many high dollar motorhomes are licensed in MT
w/shell LLC's.