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Originally Posted by psalm40 View Post
I disagree with the ASAP arthroplasty (total hip). Although core decompression (drilling holes) and even a vascularized free-fibula graft has spotty success, really depending on how bad the disease is, a total hip at 37 is a BIG DEAL...I would say a much bigger deal than 4 percs and a handfull of Advil daily.

As for the recommendation of a "doc that does high-profile athletes"...that is maybe not the best advice. In our business, a physician or group can buy the rights to market themselves as the "team doctor". The players will actually go somewhere else, usually directed by the team/coach/manager. The high-profile surgeons (a la Jimmy Andrews) do SPORTS MEDICINE and not large joint arthropasty.

Best of luck in your quest!
Well that is good input.

In Pittsburgh though, that has not been my experience. All the teams here have doctors the athletes can use, or they can obviously choose to use someone else - which sometimes happens of course. In my particular case, for a knee surgery, I found out who actually did the work on several indispensable athletes and then went to him to have mine done.