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Well, it's been a while. I have seen 2 Dr's who have not really agreed with much. One wants to do a replacement, the other wants to do a procedure where they drill holes into the bone to stimulate blood flow. That procedure requires a longer healing time, and according to the DR, it also weakens the bone, so you have to be careful not to fracture it while it heals. He also mentioned he has yet to see it work on anyone he has done it to. I asked him what the point was, if he's had zero success. He said because of my age he would want to try everything first.

I kept all your suggestions in mind and took notes with me about what to ask.

I went back to my regular DR, and told him neither DR really satisfied me. Sohe now reffered me to the Head ortho Surgeon at their network. When I called to make an appointment, his next slot to see me was in June....WTF. So my DR spoke to him and mentioned my situation. He will be seeing me the second week of April.

The pain has not died down at all. When I first posted this, I was weighing 280 lbs. I have been on a mission to lose as much weight as possible by eating right. Hoping all this time that the pain would stop. I am currently at 253, and dropping. I would like to get to 200 by early summer. I take 2-4 Percocets a day to get me through with the pain. I can no longer play golf. Work is very difficult. I take about 8 Ibuprofens just to get through a day at work. So my condition isn't getting better. I really just want my hip replaced. I don't want to miss a lot of time at work, because I have very large responsabilities there. So that is my update as of now. Any further suggestions are welcome. Oh, my left hip which does not hurt, is 15% damaged also according to the MRI. I have no pain there. My DR says if I lose more weight, I can prolong the need for that one to be replaced.
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