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Seen this happen even in an OEM HID setup (not a BMW). What happens is over time the heat in the housing hardens the insulation on the wires and instead of flexing like they should they actually start to crack. The cracked insulation eventually splits further and further apart to the point where the bare conductors are exposed and you get a short. The OEM setup I saw didn't melt to the point that yours did but the fuse for the headlight kept blowing and after inspecting the ballast, we found the broken insulation. It appears that could have been an extreme case of that where either the internal safety components of the ballast didn't kick in fast enough to stop the fire or your fuse at the fuse box didn't react like it should have. That is assuming the ballast were connected with the proper fuse size.

Keep in mind that on the OEM setup I saw this on, the car was already 7 years old when this happened so the hardening of the insulation happened over a long period of time. Our cars and your kit shouldn't even be close to that age so it could also be that the insulation rating on the wires they used were not high enough for that application.
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