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Find out what company your doctor uses then go search the FDA database for radiological devices and study the recall lists. I worked in the industry for 15 years. Some docs (the big cutters) would get paid by one company $200K/yr to use a hip or knee. If we offered them $100K/yr more, guess what? Company B replaced Company A overnight! Sick, really. All of the firms make decent implants. All the firms have had problem joints, too. Hopefully your doctor has done a lot of the same brand over 6-10 years. It takes 18 months for your bone to remodel from the new stresses of the metal placed into your bones and is a function of how the bone is "loaded;" where it is not stressed, the bone will shield (literally, disappear). This is called stress-shielding and reflects Wolf's Law. This is also why people put the surgery out as long as possible. Ask to talk to other patients of your doctor (possible HIPPA issues) and spend time online finding out which implants people seem happiest with over an extended time. If the surgeon is a joint replacement specialist and has been in the same town for over 8 years he is probably using good products or he would be sued too many times. The body is the harshest environment in the world so you should put it off until you do not want to live "this way" any longer. I think if you get 10-12 years out of an implant you are phenomenally lucky.
Take time with your search. It will pay off in the long term.
* Go here and search for the Center for 'drugs and radiological devices' and start a search for the major orthopedic companies referencing recalls and device failures. Their database just started getting accurate in the last 10 years (after 60 years of performing replacements).
Good luck and God's speed regarding your health.