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Originally Posted by Poppin Fresh View Post
It happened to me after I gave my car a wash. For the first few miles after the wash it sounded like I was lugging around a rust wagon that was falling apart. Kinda embarrassing driving an expensive car that sounds like it's falling in pieces. The noise eventually went away a few days later. My friend told me that it could have been build up of hard water (calcium) in the brake assembly that caused all the noise. Now after every wash I blow dry the wheels/brake with my leaf blower. My neighbors are staring to think I've gone nuts since I got my car. I was always a few fries short of a happy meal to begin with.
I always use a leaf blower to get water out of the seams, mirrors, trunk and grill/gills. It's a detailers trick--keeps those drips and resulting water spots from showing up after a wash. Hadn't tried it on the wheels though!

My neighbors are too busy doing there own weird things--like pressure washing the grill weekly--to worry about what I'm doing.

Besides who cares what they think?!