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Originally Posted by ecksreturns View Post
So I got the ECU back today after a weeks wait. The install went fine . I am having a bit of a problem . Although the car is not throwing any codes , I can't rev over 4k rpm when the car is stationery , even when it is fully warmed up .
When the car is moving , it revs all the way to the red line , and when moving , if I put it into neutral , it revs to the red line . When I stop the car to 0 speed , it won't rev past 4 k rpm . We tried turning the car on and off ,
but that does not help . The fuel in the car was full . I have contacted Ilia @ IND as he got this done for me from AA , but I wanted to know if any one else faced this problem .
Nothing is wrong with the software...thats one of the features it offers. Its some sort of launch control. I am not sure if you have the option when ordering it.