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Originally Posted by skierman64 View Post
I think we all need to be a little more tolerant of newbies on this forum too. Yes, we're all tired of hearing the same old question over and over, however one of the things that makes m3post great is the amount of traffic that is here, especially regarding the E9x M3 series. If we are scaring new folks away, the list won't grow. The more the merrier IMHO.

I've always tried to keep my arguments/discussions on a non-personal level (no personal attacks) however I'm not sure I've always been successful.

Good thread here.
yah think about it... ur sitting with ur friend Jaon (for instance) chatting and he asks u what u did over the weekend. u tell him. then another friend comes along and asks, so u tell him too... u get a phone call and someone asks, u might be annoyed at this point so u probably smile it off and tell the story anyway... next person asks and ur super annoyed u just say, oh Jason will tell u and u say it with a smile. this is real life

M3post version: u tell jason, next person comes and asks you go WHAT THE FUCK MAN, I JUST TOLD THE FUCKING STORY, GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE... imagine doing that in real life. that is douche-like.

on the other hand in my class "ANNOYING 101" i learned the following: if ur doing something annoying that is getting on someone's nerves they'll start ignoring you hoping u'd go away. once they start ignoring you dramatically increase your annoyance coz it's really really working. what's the point: if u see uptight people about noob questions and what not, keep annoying them more and more