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I made the plunge a year ago with my 2011 challenger srt8 392. I bought it because I wanted to do the muscle car thing and because it was available with the 6 speed manual. My rationale was the E92 M3 is so big and luxuried out that if i was interested in a big powerful/comfortable car why go half way? The srt8 is great for what it is. My only complaint is I really dont find the seats comfortable, probably due to the my bad back and the the fact the side bolsters are clearly designed for someone who weighs 100 lbs. more than me. I'd love to keep it other than the uncomfortable seats. The main reason I'm selling it and moving on isn't because it's not a great car, it's because my suspicions that kept me away from the E92 in the first place were confirmed... I don't like big cars.

The TT-RS I'm replacing it with however...