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Originally Posted by 1Sleeper
Dont tell anyone but I seriously entertained a Challenger. Its HUGE, handling even with SRT8 is ponderous, definitely not the best fit and finish (using understatement generally lost on the internet) but there was something very appealing about it. I came close. Did I mention they are HUGE? New 300 SRT8 is nice, looks a lot better than the old IMO . Didn't Chrysler make the 100k warranty apply on SRT8 as well? If you like it, go for it!
I did a quick red light to red light with one in my 335 (may have a jb4), not far but enough to get up to about 70. Held with him quite well but eventually he started to pull on me at which we both knew we were done....until we had to stop at the next red light. Wow that was hilarious. I stopped quickly, nothing crazy, and was 5 feet behind the line. The srt8 went halfway through the intersection. Too funny.