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Originally Posted by Echo M3 View Post
I would recommend choosing your healthcare insurer based on your city. Certain insurers are known for having wider or more expansive networks in certain cities.

I personally prefer PPOs. They allow you to see specialists without a referral and allow you to see physicians outside your network (albeit for a slightly higher fee). They are usually more expensive than HMOs, however.

How much you pay varies TREMENDOUSLY, even within the young age bracket of this forum. Employer contributions, past medical history, etc. will all factor into your premiums.
It soley depends on where you live. Someone in NY will pay different rates vs someone in Cali. Plus the plans benefits will vary as well.
There are a ton of plans to choose from in So Cal, so you need to go about this at a different angle, are you seeing any docs or specialist, taking any meds? If yes to either, find out which plan covers your docs and meds, that will help narrow down the decision,
If you are looking for a plan, let me know. I am a territory manager for health insurance agents in So Cal and am a licensed sales person for all 50 states and major carriers and have been in this industry for 11 years. So I will not try to pigeon hole you into a plan since I work with them all.

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