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Originally Posted by Jsnscot View Post
I think the GTR just doesn't photograph as well as an M3. I just sold M3 which people would gawk over all day long but parked next to a GTR. The GTR just looks so a lot more impressive. It's rare that I see a GTR picture I like but they look great in person.
+1 billion.

The M3 does look better in most photos.
When i first saw the gtr i was like blech...then i saw it in person and its the most bizzare thing that it looked ALOT better in the flesh.

My cousin would say it all the time and i was like..nope...until i went to the dealership one day on a whim and was floored.

Cant explain it really. But it looks much more commanding and menacing than the m3 irl..yet the m3 is MUCH more photogenic.