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Originally Posted by Liazrd1 View Post
I'm a physician and see the other side of insurance companies unfortunately all too often and what they will actually do for a patient/subscriber

BCBS. Far away the best
united. Just about the worst. They will do everything they can to not cover services for the patient or adequate meds. They will only cover cheap generics. You can get a trade drug once you have failed 3 of their generics but when you renew your policy, you must start the whole process over
The others are getting close to behaving like United with Humana almost overtaking them as being the worst

Tricare - I've been taking just as a thank you for the military personnel but just recently dropped them. They are paying worse than Medicare in some instances so it ends up actually costing me money

Obamacare is going to throw all these uninsured in the Medicaid pool but hardly any doctor takes Medicaid anyway so it's good rhetoric but actually does nothing
Well, until they start tying medical licensure with taking a certain percentage of medicaid and/or medicare patients, or some other inane measure. At which point, doctors will be screwed. But that's a bit off topic.