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Originally Posted by MTROIS View Post
do we need, or is it even possible to remove the little filter that is inside the fluid tank in order to suck out more old fluid?
Okay, just started doing the bleed. Filter doesn't reach the bottom, but close enough (to the 'min' level). Filter has 4 'tabs', so removal without damage would require a thin sleeve to push them all in at the same time. FORGET IT!!! The good news is there's no need to remove it at all; there was zero crap floating around inside the reservoir. Only cars I've seen this is Lexus and BMW; all others have always had crap floating around.

A warning: you could suck the rest of the old fluid thru one of the calipers, but I'd resist the urge to go below the 'min' line, especially if you're using vacuum. You'd suck air well before fluid runs out, and once you hear that sickening slurping sound, it'd be too late. Not the end of the world if that happens, but you'd need an extra 32-oz bottle plus another hour of your time. And that's if you don't have to perform a reverse fill first . Just don't suck below the 'min' line and you'd be fine.

And leave the clutch at the end, so you suck clean fluid. Removal of the tranny bellypan is easy; just 9 fasteners and you're done. Looks like there's very little space to turn a wrench on the slave valve (6MT here), but will report on my procedure when I'm done.