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Originally Posted by MTROIS View Post
A few quick questions since I just started this procedure:

* do we need, or is it even possible to remove the little filter that is inside the fluid tank in order to suck out more old fluid?

* what does the warning on the cap mean? Does it simply mean that we have to be careful not to put any dirt in the container?

* I am using a pressure bleeder. I increase the pressure to ~ 20psi and, ok I have a slow little leak that I need to fix, but overall, very few liquid is coming out of my Rear Passenger caliper... and I think there were even some bubbles, so i am not happy with the last job performed by the dealership. Any ideas on what is going on? (Note, I had just replace the pads so should I have pumped back on the break pedal?)

Thanks for your comments.
Don't try and pull out the filter! It is a real bastard and I ended up tearing it and having to replace. There must be a special tool for this. It goes to the bottom of the tank and you can get most of the fluid out. When I flushed the system, I used the Ate super blue to calibrate how much fluid one needed to push through each caliper to flush the lines. I'll be using Motul from now one based on a vast number of recommendations. I also lightly thumped the caliper with a rubber hammer to knock air bubbles loose.