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Very detailed review with screenshots of this Beta version:


"Windows 7 is certainly a huge improvement over Windows Vista and other versions. I can only describe it as having the really neat features and eye-candy of Vista and the stability of Windows XP. It's very clear that Microsoft's main goal with Windows 7 is performance and stability. Microsoft has also made it clear that the system requirements to run Windows 7 is very light. You will be able to run Windows 7 on the same systems that Windows XP runs on and you won't need advanced computers with 4GB of RAM and 4Ghz processors, which is a huge break in tradition. Usually with each operating system release, Microsoft adds to the system requirements, but this time, Microsoft is cutting them back.

Windows 7 is a big step towards having an operating system that has a lot of neat and useful features, but also has rock-solid stability and performance at the same time. When Microsoft releases this beta to the public, there's no doubt there will be a lot of buzz and I think a lot of praise as well."