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M3 e92. My M3. What a dream....

M3 e 92….
What a fabolous dream…"for me"… A dream that took me for years. Many. And now I am driving her…It is a little bit strange. Today, first day of the new year I feel everything more clear in my earth. I got the car in mid-November…..I was unluky since I exported her in the Country where I have my business and they didn’t accept some documents issued by the original Country of provenience….I lost more than 20 days. I lost some hairs and some kg before to be able to show to those burocratic people, that the car was new and not stolen!!! I lost also after five years of dreams, waiting her, day by day…some of my enthusiasm…..Too involved in those problems without end...They simply didn't want to register the car. I putted her in a garage, abroad and not insured in any way. You can imagine.....
Finally I received the license plate….ten days ago....
I was able to drive her again….for some days, because an Hospital was planned in my next future
For a surgical operation….So as you can see my last 45 days were a little complicated
Last Saturday finally I was able to drive her again in Italy, where I live my dream….
But what is the M3 now for me? Which is the risk to have such a big dream coming or came true?
Today I needed sometime for me…Alone. No parents, girlfriend, friends….around me.No telephone. No stupid sms with always the same wishes, copied and every year
the same.... Only me and my car. I went on the mountains just around my city. Me and Her…I needed to establish a new
Feeling with her… Too much I was involved in this dream for years and expecially in the last months. I went to Ginevra in March to see her. I started to write in this Forum . I started to learn from other friends writing here many many things….I shared my passion as much as was possible. Some of you will remember probably my first visit and report from Garching when the car was notyet presented to the press. And so on… In other ways I putted many many of my psichical resources in this dream. Like most of you I am a dreamer…My first love were the planes. Then now that the aviation is my life, I needed to substitude the original dream with something else. In the last ten years this passion has a name : M3! But why I tell you all this things? I don’t want to take your time…I want only to post a different point of “view” of what could be an M3… I see many similar simpthoms in most of you, reading daily, your posts. I see that many of you are in the same condition I was…Simply captured and anxious about datas, price, delivery, costs, pics, stories ect. Only waiting for what that will be the final step of this beautiful and human adventure : to put your hands on Your Car!!!... This happened to me at the moment and to some other luky friends here in this Forum…. But what else happened? What are the risks when you will receive your toy???
Which will be the implications if you are too involved in this dream? I don’t know…What I know is what happened to me…. The tension accumulated expecially in the last months created a sort of dependance from the dream itself. When the dream was trasformed in reality…….I felt the missing of the dream!!!!incredible…I would say also stupid…because I had the dream in my garage. In my hands. In my life. It was true. I was driving her…but it was not enought….I still felt for many weeks that something in my life was now missing. My dream!!!!You are smiling ...I am sure.Do I need a doctor?
Someone very important, told in the past, that there is nothing more dangerous than a dream. Because you can loose it….!!!!And in some ways I lost it with the arrival of the dream itself ….
I know that this Forum is more tecnichal oriented and that a similar letter will be considered stupid or a not sense from someone. But I wanted to share my emotions.
Why today?
Because like probably for all the humans the end of the year is always a moment of recapitulation of all aspects of the personal life. I made my personal recapitulation too.I have sure more important aspects of my life that are not important to be told here….But regarding the M3, this dream, today I needed "a meeting" with her as told before…to understand if I upevaluated her
or not... if I still love her, now that she is in the meantime"responsible"of the lost of that good tension that I had for months before she arrived and that I am honest to say, helped me to live my life in the last period( I am not crazy…friends, only probably too sensitive). I had a meeting with her and I mean that I drove her for pleasure in a long trip. I had a videocamera. I had time. I was free and alone. Far from family. Far from the phone. I drove her and finally what I can say is…..what a car, my friends. What a dream
From today I accepted to have lost in my soul that dream, and to live the dream….in reality ....Funny, not??crazy too??
If there are some psycologists reading my letter….pls don’t smile too much. All the process is much more clear in my mind than in my letter written with the English that I am able to use, since it is not my mother language.
What is really important is that now I feel ok. I was worried to have lost the dream, simply because I needed to switch in my mind a special button..
I needed to definitively understand that what is in my garage is exactly what
kept my mind for so long. I needed to accept that it is really mine...and that
when I open the garage, I put the key inside the slot....I am not dreaming any
more...I am living the dream!!!!!...Living that special dream!!!!
And it was not easy to swicth on it. Because I had many obstacles that seemed to disconnet me from her. Imagine to have her in a garage at 900 km of distance (abroad)notyet insured and not licensed and after that you drove her only some days after her arrival. Very frustrating...I was also very worried.
Now that I have more than 5.000 km,I am out from the running period, with
no bugs, not any strange vibration, not a fault, not a anomalie, not anomal
consumption of oil , and now that really I tested her in the first day of the year in my preferred roads….I can say :"the dream is going on"and the problem was only a decrease of tension and probably the lost of that adrenalin accumulated in the last months.
Tanks for your patience…

(which will be now my next dream???)

( I uploaded a video on Youtube named "M3 e92 downhill fun", showing a part of my trip. It will be on air soon.
I bought a new videocamera...and I am not expert..So the quality is not the best. That film doesn't want to show anything more than my passion. Not my driving abilities. I was not racing. I made only one recording on that road and not many tests. I was not looking for the record time, since it was an open road!!So nothing special. Sure I will learn step by step to use better the car and the videocamera...In one pic you can see where I started to record that little film and the zig-zag road. In another pic you can see the camera system.)
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