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Originally Posted by MFKN3 View Post
Turner are great and you could get most of it from them, depending on what you want.

For rear CF spoiler, I would recommend forking out for OEM. The CF weave on the reps is a bit nasty. For front splitters or lips such as VRS, the replicas can be fine and I would recommend JBSPEED. Their current VRS front lips are primo and all the fitment issues seem to be ironed out. OEM and aftermarket branded lips are dear and it's inevitable they will get damaged which would hurt on a $1500 item.

JBSPEED would also be fine for grills and side indicators, as it's hard to stuff them up - although the OEM options are cheap. You'll also want to work out if you want black plastic or black chrome.
Thanks MFKN3. Do you know what the OEM prices are roughly and how this compares with the replica equivalents?

Thanks again!