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BMW vs. Audi

Hi guys,

All my life, I thought when it comes to performance, it was BMW or nothing. But lately I've heard people say Audi has better racing heritage because they won more 24 Hours of Le Mans (10 wins compared to BMW's 1 win) not to mention BMW does not have an answer to Audi R8. (doesn't matter if BMW CAN make a TRUE super car or not, the fact is we don't have one).

I know you can't really compare BMW's and Benz's because BMW focuses more on performance and Benz focuses more on comfortable ride and luxury.

As far as brand is concerned, I know Audi can't compete with BMW. But performance only, are Audi's really better cars than BMW's?
Maybe when you compare 3ers to A4, 5ers to A6, 7ers to A8, BMW are better but Audi has more higher end cars that BMW just can't compete with?

Any unbiased opinion on this subject would be greatly appreciated.