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Originally Posted by clar View Post
I guess if US is already the biggest buyer of M cars, they naturally won't be spending much time trying to get creative with u guys. In addition, the profit margin for an M car is pretty slim there going by the price. A dedicated M dealer requires a pretty hefty profit margin to sustain due to the lower volume. Over here, we don't have any choice. Every marque is represented by only 1 official dealership. People often change marque due to frustrations with the dealer as we can't simply drive a few miles further to another dealership. Please be careful what you ask for cos u might not like what u get. Low price M cars or more exclusive dealer, pick one?

Where cars are concerned, nobody in the world should be anywhere close to being envious of us here!!!
I see your point. Here on Long Island, NY, or in the LA suburbs, or the Chicago suburbs, you can seemingly throw a rock in any random direction and hit a BMW dealership. We definitely don't suffer from a lack of options when it comes to choosing a dealer.