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Originally Posted by Guibo View Post
Only Porsche are allowed to "defy the laws of physics."
According to Porsche, the GT-R is only 2 seconds faster than the Panamera on the 'Ring.
PDK-equipped Porsches weigh more than manual-transmission cars, yet Porsche says the 997.2 Carrera S w/PDK is 8 seconds faster on the 'Ring than the manual car.

The funny thing is that when Porsche called BS on Nissan's time, their argument was that it was impossible for the Nissan to do the time because it weighed 20kg's more than the Turbo. In reality, the weight difference is almost 10x's that, and only the GT-R managed a 7:38 (Porsche's claim for their 997 Turbo) in independent testing, verifying Nissan's first official time which everyone was saying was impossible given the GT-R's specs. German mags (very experienced in driving Porsches and based in none other than Stuttgart) have found the GT-R to be 14-16 seconds faster than the Turbo, the exact opposite of Porsche's claim. Porsche have been well and truly discredited on their claim of the GT-R's capability.

BTW, 1st independent tests in Germany have been done for the updated 997 Turbo with slightly more hp and PDK.
0-100: 3.1
0-200: 10.8
BTW all the magazines have also verified that the PDK transmissions while heavier are faster than their manual counterparts on all models with the PDK. Gearing and shift speed are both good friends in attaining speed fast.