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Originally Posted by ScotchAndCigar View Post
See how everything I say gets turned around? If I said "beating children is bad", you'd say "did you say we should beat children badly?"

Our country (the USA) is built around the right to have and express one's own opinion. You with me so far?

This forum, however, does not respect that right. Unlike the American populace at-large, which is comprised of people of all viewpoints, this forum has a demographic which flames anyone who supports our president, or sides with the democrats.

For the past year, the Republican candidates have made a very interesting campaign, yet every post here is about Obama. Look at all the threads and tell me honestly that there's no bias here!
I'm not saying there isn't a bias. I agree with you. I was just asking for clarification, because in your post you made it seem that those with differing opinions from you are automatically irrelevant and they shouldn't have the right to express their opinion. So thank you, and perhaps I read it wrong or didn't read into it enough. All I was doing was asking for clarification, I wasn't trying to twist your words. My at the end was intended as a form of sarcasm, I'm sorry if it didn't seem so.

The internet is a funny thing. With anonymity comes stupidity and ignorance. It's a lot easier to be a total jerk behind a keyboard. A lot of the people here who constantly flame/harrass you probably wouldn't do so in an open forum in the real world, and you know this to be true. That being said, I think this part of the forum as a whole is a pretty bad spot, it seems it's nothing but flames going both ways, some in defense and some just to troll.

All I can say is that you seem to be the minority here (Democrat) and you get bashed for it every day. I'm not saying it's right, just calling it like I see it. It seems a lot of people here (or at least the ones who post here) are die hard Repubs, so naturally there would be a clash of opinions. And since it's the internet, people are free to be total d-bags with no consequences (such as looking like an asshat in real life in front of other people). The forum here provides the anonymous an opportunity to just put you down constantly, and as long as they aren't breaking the rules, it's perfectly allowed and there are no consequences.

This link might interest you, I know you probably already know this, but I thought it was funny. It's from an internet comic (Penny Arcade):

I think the internet isn't the best place to try to really argue/debate politics, and especially not on a car enthusiast forum. There are good places on the internet, but they are moderated accordingly. A car enthusiast site with a sub-forum for politics won't bring out the cream of the crop when it comes to political debates I feel. Also, not saying that debate shouldn't be allowed here, but do you truly expect to engage in a civilized debate here, especially given the forum's history?

I understand and actually commend you for sticking it out this long, because a lot of people would have just said, "F&^% it," and stopped trying to defend their party/position to some of the people here (who in all honesty are pretty clueless or plain religious fanatics).
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