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Poor Nobama!

It's been a tough time for the princeling, seems if he's not getting dissed he's dicking up. Just in the last few days:

-Turned a tragic killing into a major racial flap with his pandering, whining and inappropriate remarks.

-Sent the wrong guy to see the supremes. Of course that constitution thing, as inconvenient as it may be, presented a problem too. But he was a constitutional law professor, right?

-Promised the Russians that he would deceive the American peeps until he could give away the farm after the election. They're such good buddies of ours.

-Managed to get dissed by a unanimous vote with his myopically liberal budget proposal. Didn't this happen before?

Can it get any more amateurish, ham-handed, partisan, or just plain stupid?

Out of his depth, running out of time. Of course, based on his comments to the Russians, if he gets reelected we'll get to see the REAL nobama.

p.s. No, I don't care what Bush did. That was then, this fool is now.