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While the mileage is a positive there are many negatives that hold down the price of this vehicle.

A few reasons the price seems to be a bit lower compared to other E46 M's with similar mileage.
-Convertible. Coupes have stronger values (Especially slick top)
-SMG. Due to the clunky nature of the gearbox, and the SMG box is prone to pump problems. 6MT vehicles have stronger values
-Aftermarket components can be a negative. The ///M badges on the grill/dash trim, parking brake handle, wheels, and radio. In this particular case these aftermarket parts do more harm to the value than good.
-Color combo. The exterior color is a positive, but the dove gray doesn't help. Red or cinnamon would be more desired.

Some positives of the vehicle
-2006 model year. The last year of the E46 M.

I'm not really familiar with the market in Hawaii, but there are a couple low mileage coupes in my area at this price point.

The biggest thing to always remember, is that you're buying the vehicle for yourself. Not the forum. I think sometimes the forum can be a negative place when it comes to criticizing other member's vehicles. If you test drive this vehicle and enjoy the drive. It is a good idea to have a PPI performed. If it comes back with a clean bill of health, purchase the vehicle and enjoy it.

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