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Originally Posted by Templar View Post
It depends a lot, like I said. The black interior makes the AW tint look a lot darker than it actually is. When you are sitting in there though (wearing a white shirt for example) an outsider can probably easily see you sitting there with 50%. Even with my 35% people can easily see me if I am wearing lighter colored clothing.

What is the interior on the black one? I honestly think with 70% you won't notice much of a tint at all (it will still provide the UV protection and such though).
Agreed on the interior color comment. The Jet Black car will have a black interior as well so it will already look a bit dark. hmmm... I may just have to wait till the car gets here and hold a piece of 70% up to it to see. I really like subtle mods and hate black windows. However it is nice to have just that little bit of tint on there so it's not perfectly clear.