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Originally Posted by Sal@Evolve View Post
The valves we chose are a tried and tested product and have been standing the test of time.
There is a lifetime warranty on the valves, you do not need to worry about failure.

The first test we did was an all night autobahn run. I ran this very car at between 150-170mph for 1-2 hours and then at constant high speeds from the end of Austria to France all through Germany.
Not many of you will be able to generate that much heat for that period of time.
If something is going to break it will break in a test like this.
Just to reiterate .... There is a lifetime warranty on the complete valve assembly and they are very easy to remove and replace.
Thanks for the information. I don't think my point was entirely clear. Anyway engine speed will determine exhaust temps much more than vehicle speed. Many folks who have used aftermarket cutouts have tracked their cars and got their exhausts plenty hot. It is my understanding that they do not fail from one or two forays into a peak temperature scenario. It appears to be some relatively small number of thermal cycles, perhaps hundreds, that do in these electric motors. Maybe they are demagnetizing, I'm not sure the exact failure mechanism. It would be very encouraging if you guys did know what the failure mechanism actually is for electric motors.

These "known to fail" aftermarket cutout valves, also have a lifetime warranty! That in itself provides basically no confidence in this essentially the same type of valve.

Again, I suspect there is a very good reason others, including another aftermarket BMW product and Ferrari use pneumatics.

In no way am I trying to disparage your valve selection or your product. This is clearly a very weak spot for other products. A lifetime warranty on something that has to be replaced, say once a year, would be a really big hassle.

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