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Cars in my building's garage: new neighbor

In the past i've posted some of the cars in my building's garage; 996 turbo, ac schnitzer 6 series, merc G's, lambo diablo, etc. Recently we've had a new resident move in, and DAMN, his car collection here is pretty LEGIT. Here's some pics (note, bad quality, all taken with iphone).

Let's start off with this one:

Yup, the tesla roadster.

Here it is being charged up

Then he brings over this bad boy

Mas-GT mutherfucker!

i listened to him start up the engine one day....dayum, almost made me jizz in my pants.

yup...things getting warmed up here.

then...when i thought he was all done, he brings home the ultimate...the bad-ass:

oh....just an f430 you say.

i say nay! not just any f430....

the F430 SCUDERIA!!

this guy is INSANE

a little iphone photoshop thing i did

this guy is too much. i had to leave him a note

i have no idea if this guy has more exotics, but this is definitely not his only home, since he only has 2 parking spaces here and he rotates these in and out, so no idea what other babies he's hiding. he also has a couple beaters that he'll bring over occasionally, the chrysler 300 in one of the pics being one of them.

pretty bad ass, my jaws dropped when i drove in one day and saw his scud. just too much.
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