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Philly Car Show - M3 Meet?

Hello all,

Philadelphia Auto Show is coming up (Jan 31st - Feb 8th).
Check out the link above.

Was gauging interest for a casual meet, perhaps on one of the Sundays. Was thinking of a restaurant by the river called Waterworks. It is behind the Philadelphia museum. We can then do a quick drive around kelly/licoln drive and then head over to the Auto Show over at the exhibition hall close to Chinatown.

Post if anyone is interested. I know on weekends things can get pretty crowded, however I am also aware that most of us have our own commitments on weekdays. The weather is not going to be warm, but it is going to be sunny (according to from Jan 31st to Feb 3rd, temperature is mid to high 30s and reaching to 40s.

Tallycoolies - would love to check out your new modifications, I see that you've gone all out with your intake/exhaust/ECU/aeroparts.

Tamas - Would love to see you around again!

Thanks for coming everyone!
Made a very simple, amateur video below, enjoy:

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