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Originally Posted by satakal View Post
maybe the scope of this question(s) should be pulled back from "racing" and instead look at "knowingly breaking traffic laws". Afterall, one guy, one fast car can ruin a lot of stuff. There doesn't need to be a "race" for all the painful realities and consequences.
knowingly breaking traffic laws is quite different than street racing. although the consequences of breaking traffic laws are the same, the driving force behind it is completely different. the reality is, if i'm in a rush to get somewhere and i'm speeding, i'm able to tone it down when i see an unsafe situation.

street racing involves adrenaline, competition, pride and money. all these things make people push themselves beyond the limits of their skills and cars. the real, long lasting consequences such as property damage and death become an afterthought and all they care about is winning.

i hope all street racers become quadruple amputees.