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Originally Posted by kscarrol View Post
The DCT boot is simply snapped in place. You can gently pull it off or use a trim removal tool to pop it off... IND sends you the entire OEM kit so it simply snaps back in.

FYI on the e-brake boot. You will need a small zip tie to secure the new boot to the handle. Pretty sure IND includes one but I recall my IND kit came without one. Had one in the house so not an issue...

This is a DIY for a MT boot but getting the original off is the same process. Once off it is a simple plug in and re-install the boot by snapping back into place.
Followed these directions and it was very easy. The hardest part was zip-tying the e-brake boot to the handle. It's funny because I went to work on it just now (10:00 p.m.) and forgot that I needed a zip tie. I thought, "Where am I going to find a zip tie now?" Then I remembered my old tool kit when I was a bike mechanic. (Haven't turned those wrenches in years!) Rooted around until I found one of my old tool boxes, opened it, dug around, and sure enough: a single zip tie!

It was a ///Miracle.