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One other point I will make on this, remember the USADA who is making the claims is a US agency, therefore, as an individual you have no due process with an US agency they can come after you as they like and do not have to prove anything in court of law. They are not law enforcement but have been granted the right to enforce laws.

It is like the DEA, they can break in your house and kill your dog and accuse you of dealing drugs and do not need a warrant and when they are wrong they can walk away and there is nothing you can do since they are not Police.

So before you decide to weight in on this keep this information in mind. In this case the USADA will claim success since they cost Lance Millions of dollar in legal fees and future earning and they did not prove anything and Lance has been stripped of everything just to stop the ongoing which hunt.

The other thing, if they really had a case and knew he broke a law they definitely would have had the authorities arrest him.

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