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Originally Posted by kmarei View Post
assuming he is avoiding the question, and that it could have been prevented.

does that make it more importan that millions of americans who are poor?
who don't know where their next meal is coming from?
or the fact that this country now has more debt that any other country on this planet?
i mean out of all the problems facing this country
the fact that 4 americans lives could have been spared seems a moot point

i'm not defending Obama
i am just surprised that this is the one thing all republicans are talking about
while at the same tame ignoring other much more important issues facing the country.

so if he had sent marines in and gotten those 4 guys out
would you all have been happy now?

ofcourse there is the issue that he had sent it marines/troops and they got killed
so instead of saving 4, he might have lost a lot more
surely a lose-lose situation
Have you watched any of the debates? That is what Republicans are zoned in on.....20+million people out of work; the 30% increase in welfare subsidies since Obama took office; $6 trillion in debt in 4 years. All Obama has to talk about is how much of my income should go to pay for those that won't get off their dead ass and work or how much of MY money should be taken to pay for a 35 year old Georgetown law student's birth control pills.

Sure Barack.....a couple living within an hour of Washington DC making $250k/year is rich. Class warfare is all this guy has.....and he's losing.

The Benghazi debacle is just the latest "fcuk up" this guy has been at the helm of. If you don't think this story is worthy of front page news, then please just put your head back in the sand.