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Originally Posted by shift330 View Post
lol I forget about that guy. He probably had a better chance without that annoying ass Palin. But really, after the past 8 years, there was no chance that Republicans would win the White House again.
Palin was the biggest mistake of his campaign, but to be fair who else should he have chosen as his running mate?

The Dems had a "black" guy... A young, down to earth, intelligent "black" guy... Lol

Meanwhile the only good candidates are more older white guys, or Huckabee, who I like, but he is just another "redneck" preacher in the public's eye.

McCain should have picked the Louisiana governor, Bobby Jindal, a Indian from the south, and said what now Obama? They should have also questioned Obama's race, instead of having far right groups blabbering that he is a Muslim terrorist... lol.

Hindsight is 20/ 20.