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Originally Posted by quality_sound View Post
Who buys an M3 to let it sit in the friggin garage? Doesn't that kind of make all the rants about other cars not being up to par pointless? Who cares how good it is if you never drive it???

Get out and drive and stop worrying about this low mileage crap.
If you drive less than say 20,000Kms (12-15,000miles) annual on the highway, you aren't going to get the CBS to trigger an annual oil change. So for folks with annual mileage of 8-10,000 miles, you won't be getting the CBS service request. 8-10K miles isn't exactly low mileage. If you don't commute by car, then this is pretty high mileage. For others, you may have deployments, travel etc that take you away for long periods of time (certainly my situation) so you're not going to see mileage over 15,000miles (esp if you don't do short drives in traffic, which are probably more pointless than what you are discussing). So lots of legitimate possibilities here to explain the interest in this topic.