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This forum rules.

Sorry to gush but I was just thinking about this and I even posted in another thread about it.

This forum, and seemingly the whole BMW enthusiast community rules!

You guys actually try to help and actually have information available. And for some reason, there aren't noobs around asking the same information and hive-mind mentalities about supposed "problems". Yes, people here still seem to get heated about possible problems and may overreact (Lack of a second oil cooler on automatic E90 Sports, possibility of a ProCEDE shredding the automatic tranny, etc.) but it seems like in general rational thoughts prevail around here.

Compare this to the VW forums and you will see a HUGE difference. I signed on to the VW forums not long after buying my GLI and was not impressed. A simple, insignificant and relatively stupid but common "problem" with an MkV VW will spawn about 2 threads PER DAY with everyone talking about how it's some kind of second coming of Hitler and VW needs to be sued and they all need their cars replaced POST HASTE! You guys aren't like that, and I like that.

BMW owners get a bad rap in general but after being here for awhile I think that those who get the bad rap are not the enthusiasts, they are the ones buying the BMW 'cause they are a yuppie and their next door neighbor has one. I'm glad this place isn't really like that, and it's making me want to buy a BMW even sooner than my wife thinks we can

So, in summary, x10000

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