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Originally Posted by BellasBmw
Actually about 2 months ago, i was opening the garage door to put my car in, and this HUGE spider was hanging on the edge next to my head (im talkin HUGE). So i freaked out, and the spider fell. I swear to GOD it was staring me down. So i went into a panic trying to find the bug spray (this was def not the kind u step on.. just the "crunch" noise would have sent me into convulsions). So i couldnt find any spray, so i busted out the 409 ahhaa, the sucker didnt die. So i grabbed leather cleaner, STILL didnt die. Then i grabbed tilex, STILL didnt die. Infact, it ran after me. So my neighbor was across the street, and i yelled "DAVE! a spider, a spider!". And he thought i said "a fire, a fire!". So he ran over to my house in a panic, and hes like show me the fire, im like no.. thats the spider!.. hahaha he still makes fun of me.. (but hey even he got a little freaked at the sight of it)
Ha ha ha ha That's funny!