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Originally Posted by mspeasl View Post
No hate just fact......

BTW: Just because a person disagrees with someone dosen't mean that he/she is hated.
I think the point being lost is the following. This wasn't shown in a political ad, or on the cover of a magazine or front page of a newspaper. This is from Obama's freakin' Tumblr acct (and I don't even know what that is). It's for Obama fans, just like his website, twitter, facebook (?), or whatever else he and Michelle may have. They tend to feature pictures of the Obamas involved with whatever the topic is. It's what their "fans" want to see. Same with Scott Brown in Massachusetts, and pretty much every major politician out there.

Whoever the guy is who wrote the article the OP cited is completely making something out of nothing. He's bitching about an image that few people would otherwise ever know existed, but for the columnist himself. So the "hate" is coming from both the columnist and the OP, as the premise of sitting in judgement of what's appropriate for the Tumblr account of a guy trying to garner 50%+ of the votes in this country is preposterous.