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Originally Posted by scalbert View Post
That is awesome. I had considered that race as it would have been a nice getaway. Did you ship the bike or check it for your flight?

Do you compete in any events?
It is a nice get away. We got in the thursday before the race and stayed until the Friday after the race. Seems like that's the MO for a lot of racers as we kept running into them all over the island.

We use Tribike Transport when ever we can. It's just too easy. And if you get busted by the airlines they charge as much as $150 each way. So Tribike is about the same cost and you don't have to break your bike down for shipping. You take it to a local pick up bike shop about a week or so before the race. Then just pick it up the day before the race at the Tribike tent. Drop it off to Tribike after the race and it's home about a week or so after the race. The only prep for your bike is the shop removing and putting your pedals on. They are insured and you can ship your transition bag/gear with your bike. (no wetsuit packing for the cold swims)

I'm the official photographer when we go to races. So no, i don't participate. Her and her friends talked me into doing a sprint once. They all thought i was going to get addicted. No dice. Did the sprint and while it was fun, i was not addicted in any way. I like to bike and swim for fun, planting my ass on a bike for a 50 mile ride is not fun for me unless it's on a mountain and down hill the majority of the way. But her and her friends ride at least 40 every Saturday and then sit on the trainer for a couple of hours during the week. Doesn't look like fun to this guy.
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