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Originally Posted by Rainer M View Post
I would still think that is is the fuse box in the clove compartment.

I got a recall on mine 2011.75 from BMW because of this issue.

I will have mine done hopefully next week.

I did t have problems with it but you never know if it becomes an issue down the road.

I would think it is he fuse box Since your battery has charge but your car is dead.

Did you try and wickle the plus cable that goes into the fuse box? That's where it does loose connection.
I looked at glovebox and nothing like I said but maybe Today my car started again and I'm not how or why but My thought is something dried out and it finally got a connection. I think it's highly likely that it wont start again in the very near future, I think it's something small and it has to do with the small leaking area which I'm going to fix but im assuming this issue isnt going away.