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E93 Vert. Wont start, no lights on, not battery ???????

I bought my vert about a month or 2 ago and it sometimes is completely dead and it doesn't seem to be a battery issue. Is what it happens is the car is completely dead and no lights come on not even the cluster. After a little bit of time it will start back up and have no issues or anything not even a CEL as if nothing is wrong. It runs fine and drives fine. A jump does not help at all and will make no difference if tried. I'm not sure what the issue is, key fob battery is new also. It has no symptoms prior to this happening either. It doesn't crank or anything obviously as no power is there at all.

Also this was originally a florida car if that helps.

Car is a 09 M3 Vert. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I did search for an issue but I can't seem to find much.

UPDATE- There was a quite a bit of water under the battery. I cleaned it out cleaned and wirebrushed the power wire, nut and stud thats under the battery. I have power at the jump point and the battery has good power.

UPDATE- Battery has 12.6 volts and jumpoints have 12.6 volts. Looked at fusebox and didnt really see any issues or corrosion.

STILL SOMEWHAT LOST, is the EDC a possible issue?

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