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My Two Cents

Sinner, please forgive me (no pun intended) if I took your post the wrong way, but you asked for opinions and I have 2 responses for you. Please refer to opinion #1 if I understood your post correctly (my thoughts being, that you are a Troll). If that is not the case then refer to opinion #2 (my thoughts being; here is a guy who simply wants a little help making an informed decision on what could potentially be a 70k purchase)

Opinion #1 You make me sick (don't take it personally, I've been lurking on this board for quite some time now and you aren't the only one to post such inane drivel, your post just happened to be the one that garnered a response) My opinion as to where and on what you spend your money should be of absolutely no consequence to you (unless I volunteered to buy the car for you...which isn't going to happen). I feel that you (and you ilk) are truly very indecisive people with little or no confidence or self esteem and rely, to a great extent, on the car you drive to make up for your perceived shortcomings as an individual. Some people have a very negative opinion concerning BMW owners and I believe it because of people like you. I saw the spy pics, I saw the concept, and I decided that I would have one in my garage...period. I don't care if it's not "exclusive", I don't care if it "turns heads", I want what I want, I deserve it and I will have it. This is not a "flame" because you talked "bad" about the M3. This is me getting sick and tired of adults refusing to make informed choices for themselves. It's simple...if you don't want to buy one...don't!!! You don't owe me or anyone else here an explanation as to why you decided not to make the purchase and nothing we can say will (or it shouldn't) change your mind.

Opinion #2 I completely understand. There are a number of vehicles in the 70k price range that would be viable M3 alternatives. I donít know your personal situation (wife, kids, income etc.) But I realize that there could be a lot of factors affecting your decision. My advice to you would be to make the decision that is right for you and your situation. Buy what makes you happy Sinner, for me the E92 M3 is the way to go!