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Specifically about the Jeep ad (from the WaPost FactChecker blog, emphasis mine):

Finally, the ad’s reference to Jeep production in China is technically correct but misleading, particularly in light of Romney’s comments on the campaign trail. The ad says that Obama “sold Chrysler to Italians who are going to build Jeeps in China,” but then adds: “Mitt Romney will fight for every American job.”
The unspoken message is that American jobs are being sent to China, even though the ad carefully tiptoes around that claim. (The ad, in fact, includes brief text quoting Bloomberg as saying Jeep production was returning to China.)
So while the fact checkers actually state the Ad is true, they're upset at the "meaning" or "underlying message" of the Ad. I never knew fact-checkers to pose opinion, but hey - to each his own in this economy.

The company was sold to an Italian firm, who's ideal is to grow heavily outside the U.S. Jeep themselves couldn't make a dent into China, thus why the stopped production, but Fiat - who got Chrysler basically on a dime - intends to do so whole heartedly.

So if the meaning of the Ads offends liberals, you should take umbrage with the fact that a non-U.S. company plans on making a helluva profit for themselves using a U.S. brand name outside of the U.S. they got for pennies on the dollar - thanks to Uncle Sam's "managed" bailout.
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