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I was at Mosport for the last 2 days instructing at a SVT trackdays and I got to do a 25 minute session in a stock 2011 Gt except for the installation a prototype supercharger kit with over 600 bhp.

The power is great with suprisingly linear power delivery that made the power very easy to feed in on corner exit.The car felt quite floaty at 150mph at the end of the straight compared to my M which is doing about 140mph at the same point and also lacked the steering feedback that the M has.The stock brakes worked quite well for the 25 minute session which surprised me as they were still stock pads.A few $'s spent on suspension and a proper track wheel & tire package would make a huge difference for not a lot of money!Pretty impressive for half the cost of an M in Canada.

never liked the look of a mustang. camaro and vettes always much nicer