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Originally Posted by scottwww View Post
"Scooter" Libby. Convicted of perjury and obstruction. Just like your Mr. Bill. The difference? Libby went to prison. Mr. Bill? Running for the title of First Lady.

Show me criminal action in any of your other opinion points. But do it in the appropriate thread. This thread is about Bill Clinton.

You are wrong about the approval percentages. At the least, you have no evidence whatsoever to support your argument. I would expect the popularity to fall pretty much along party lines. It is the non-partisans who would be unknown.
I never said I had Bill approval proof -- I said I would bet you any $$$.
Libby took that for Bush and Chaney which will be shown on 1/19/09 when they pardon him -- nice little game...

I showed you above what W lied about publically (under oath) that caused at least 5000 deaths in this country and thousands elsewhere.
You compare that with Clinton lying under oath that he did not bang some fat chick trying to save his face...
I don't see anyone dead or trillions wasted because of Clinton's BJs...

Get real here man or don't post nonsence...