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Edmunds first drive:*

"Forget that the RS6 is capable of carrying up to five adults and a sizable load of luggage. This is a brutally fast car by any standards. There's no magic trick to extracting the performance in a straight line."

"Top speed is electronically capped at 155 mph, although Audi offers RS6 owners an opportunity to extend it to 174 mph. You'll be glad to know that Stephan Reil, the RS6's development boss, says he saw 205 mph during final prototype testing on a secret section of autobahn late last year"

"The engine really steals the show. There is meaningful boost from little more than 1,000 rpm and from then on, the floodgates open. Midrange power is one maddening thrust toward the horizon, with the power laid on at a barely believable rate. It is rare for a turbocharged engine to feel as strong at the top end as it does down low, but the RS6's V10 is still hammering hard with a deep baritone blare when the rev limiter cuts in abruptly at 6,800 rpm."

"Look upon the RS6 as an extremely fast car with colossal all-weather traction, with no real ambition as a lithe sports car with whip-crack response. Though it feels more at home in a straight line, it also manages to devour twisting roads with an impressive turn of speed. The tires grip well beyond what is safely achievable on the road"

"The brakes are beyond reproach, and they still feel strong even after being hammered lap after lap on a racetrack." - I heard it went 86 laps without fade.

"One thing's for sure. Competition for the BMW M5 Touring and Mercedes-Benz E63 wagon has suddenly gotten a whole lot tougher."