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Originally Posted by footie View Post
Just_me states that officially BMW quote 14.7s for the saloon which would mean a time of around 14.9~15.0s for the Estate version and yet the BMW M5 saloon has posted times as low as 13.5s which is a 1.2s better than official. Why doesn't everyone believe that the RS6 can equally do a similar thing and record mid thirteen second runs.

Guys I recommend holding off on the celebrations until a few official results come in.

Just_me is accurate as they come. I am sure if you ask he can dig up the acceleration tests. The M5 is still faster in a straight-line than the new RS6.

I have a bet with an Audi guy on the M5board. I bet a stock M5 will beat the RS6 at Gustav's airfield runs...... I made this bet once I found out it was sub 600 hp.... I am going to win this bet.

Do you know why I am going to win Footie? Because Quattro eats power. This is not my usually bashing....this is just a sad fact for the engineers at Ingolstadt.

You cannot compensate for weight and poor handling with power....

The most telling fact that Audi has lost, again, is they are considering the RS6 Plus.... A6, S6, RS6 and RS6+

Sorry Audi loses.
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